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meet jessica & find out her why… | indiana lifestyle photographer

Some of my first memories of doing photography was in junior high and high school.  I loved capturing my friends and everything we enjoyed.  I grew up with an older sister that was gracious enough to tote her little sister around to all kinds of stuff, friends houses, ball games, parties, you name it!  The beautiful woman I am about to tell you about ran around with my sister throughout high school so you could say we have been friends for as long as I can remember.

I have been blessed to have captured Jessica and her family since day one.  They have been around and loyal to my photography business even when I probably shouldn’t have been paid to take photos…  Since day one, Jessica has always being giving, thoughtful and selfish.  So finding out she was doing something for someone else was no surprise to me, but what she was doing was!  Jessica works full-time, a wife and mommy but somehow she finds time for something else, selling Nerium!  For those of you that haven’t heard about Nerium, you need to!  Below you will find that info.  If you know Jessica, she isn’t one to throw in-home parties, sell things and what not.  To know that Jessica was doing this made me really curious as to WHY!

lindy-scott-indiana-lifestyle-photographer-nerium-j-stoutI could try and put into words her why but she explains it best.  See how their everyday lifestyle changed in the blink of an eye…

Lindy asked me to share my “why” (the reason I started selling Nerium).  Here is my why.  On February 23rd of this year my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I was rocked back on my heels.  I started selling Nerium to have a savings set aside to care for any need that might arise for her care.  Molly is my why.  When we were shooting our session, she offered an idea to capture Molly and I.  The result moved me to tears-it is my heart and my reason in a single image!  Nerium is such a blessing to me and my family…the products provide amazing, youthful, glowing results AND additional income.  Nerium has awakened my spirit and given me a new passion.  THANK YOU LINDY for the amazing capture of my heart! (for more information regarding Nerium, please visit


Jessica’s story is a perfect reflection of my why!  I love being able to capture the Life & Soul of family, friends and clients!  It truly brings joy to my heart.  This quote seems so fitting…

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” -Unknown

For those of you wanting fall sessions, contact Lindy via email at  We still have a few spots and a great fall special!


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