Who’s behind the Lens…

I’m a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of girl. I am creative, to a fault, my mind never stops when it comes to ideas and being crafty.  My husband would say that my creative mind often results in clutter.  And maybe he’s right, but I would like to believe that I am just a “Messy Maker of Pretty Things!”

I love diving into a good book and finding inspirational quotes. I also love building things out of wood, which makes perfect sense, considering I am a former Woodshop-Construction teacher turned Interior Design Teacher! I am passionate about teaching and sharing, but my heart strings kept getting pulled away from the classroom, always leading me back to photography.  It isn’t always easy juggling family-life, teaching High School full-time and this photography business, but with lots of help and support, we make it happen!

My goal is to capture your life as you live it.  I want to dig into what you are, what your family is like and capture that during your session.  Let me capture life’s fleeting moments so they can be cherished by generations to come.  Your LIFE + SOUL!

Your session will take place on location.  I love working outdoors because it gives us room to explore in an atmosphere that is comfortable and natural.  I’m not afraid to throw on my Hunter boots, stand in the mud, a creek, or a field and capture YOU!

Love Mexican food, anything with peanut butter or A1 sauce! Servers think I am nuts when I have a plate full of broccoli at a restaurant, no steak and ask for Al. DON’T knock it until you try it. Just like peanut butter and carrots… Go get it, I promise you will love it! & Coffee, don’t get me started! I may drink 3 too many cups a day on top of the regular 3 that I MUST HAVE!

Love seeing daily clips of people’s lives on Instagram for laughs or inspiration. I am horrible about blogging but that is one of my goals for this coming year… I have another guilty pleasure of Grey’s Anatomy and any other good series on Netflix.  Usually my students inform of that the “It Show” is at the moment and I try it out for at least a few episodes.

I LOVE all genres of music and sing out loud, knowing I cannot sing a lick!  We find humor in making my kids laugh with my best British accent. I’m not afraid to run around like a crazy woman to get a good smile out of my new little clients. What I love most though is relating to my clients, build a relationship and capture their true personality…


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