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New Year, New Name | Lindy Scott Indiana Lifestyle & Senior Photographer | Life + Soul

FIRST & foremost, Thank You!  I am where I am today in this business because of YOU!  Launching my re-branding of Lindy Scott Indiana Lifestyle & Senior Photographer | Life + Soul is so exciting!  I have unbelievable clients that make my “job,” feel like a calling rather than work.  I am forever grateful for family and friends who have continuously supported and encouraged me to follow my dream of capturing and creating memories for people.

The last 18 months have been full of ups and downs…  As most of you know I started my business, Photos By Lou in 2008, while teaching full-time and then having 2 more kids along the way.  Being a working mom is tough, especially when you are trying to get a “part-time” business going as well.  As with any small business, my photography business has proven to be a full time job.  When you are so passionate about it, it never stops, never turns off and is NEVER “part” time.

For the 2013-2-14 school year, I took a 1 year sabbatical from teaching but during that time I decided after that year was up to go back.  I thought that was where my heart was.  I missed my classroom, my students and the faculty and staff that I loved dearly!  However, my heartstrings just continuous got pulled back by photography and I had my busiest fall that I have ever had.  I realized that my career as a teacher was something that I was going to have to give up eventually.  Eventually came sooner than I anticipated when I was given an opportunity to do a little side work for an engineering company.  It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

Lindy Scott | Life + Soul | Lifestyle & Senior Photographer | Indiana |

After a few LONG weeks of thinking about my photography business and this new opportunity I wanted to start fresh, really brand my business around my personality and what I do best.   I wanted to create something that reflected my interest and was truly what I wanted to do with it.  I have made some changes but my work is still the same.  I will give all of me, to you for every session that I do.  I have listened to my clients and what they want and tried to re-structure my packages accordingly.  I have also decided to focus on Seniors and Lifestyle…  I worked together with the amazing Holli True, that really encouraged me to build my business and brand around me, Lindy Scott.  Holli is absolutely amazing and such an inspiration to me!!!

I have tried to really focus on my interest and what drives me to be successful in this business and continue clicking.  Here is my new Life + Soul branding board.  This is what my website and marketing products revolve around… & I have to say I am so happy with it!  <3 <3


What does all of this mean?  Seniors are what I love, I can relate to, & I think that is the teacher that will forever live inside of me.  I have worked with teenagers for the last 13 years in the classroom so I am comfortable with them and conversation comes very natural.  I feel so blessed to be an Indiana Senior Photographer.  Lifestyle however encompasses a lot to me.  To me, being an Indiana Lifestyle Photographer is capturing families, children & couples, all of those but in a natural element.  I want to capture these times for families that are everlasting.

Lindy Scott | Life + Soul | Lifestyle & Senior Photographer | Indiana | lindyscott.comLindy Scott | Life + Soul | Lifestyle & Senior Photographer | Indiana |

Does this mean you won’t see me shooting anything else? No, of course I will, but it will be limited.  I want to focus my energies in photography in perfecting my craft to better serve those I shoot for.  I am so excited to continue to fill up the Spring and Fall schedule!  Please email to get your appointment booked for the Spring now!

Capturing life + soul,



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